Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where have you been!

The answer to that question, 
my dear ladies and gents,
is at work and home.
Work being the new job I started last week
and home being Monsieur N.'s new place
into which I have been helping him move.
At this time, there is no
internet there, so you shall have to make do
our presence.
But only for a little longer,
soon we shall be back with more
goodies from the Boudoir.

- Mlle. M

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I want you, need you...

There is simply no better song to sing,
ladies and gents,
when slinking around in a
1930's bias-cut gown.
Trust me on this one.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Theda's expression sums up
my feelings about the situation with Canada Post
all too well, my darling readers.
Things seem a bit dubious as far as listing
new pieces at the eBay emporium goes...
buyer confidence  and all that jazz...
and although there are other options, 
Monsieur N. and I were thinking 
we'd wait it out, 
but what do you think, ladies and gentlemen?

At any rate,
in the meantime, you can look forward to
more observations and opinion pieces from myself,
as well as perhaps a post or two about sewing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daisy Days

Today, dear friends, 
although not quite our usual fare we have
for your viewing and/or purchasing pleasure 
a rather lovely piece indeed.

Although not lingerie, tis pretty, no?
While outerwear is not our typical
area of interest, or of expertise, occasionally Monsieur N.
and myself find a lovely vintage piece whilst
out exploring and simply cannot leave it behind.
Such is the case with this lovely number.

Perfect fit in all the right places ;]
And so we are offering 
what appears to be a house dress
certainly dating from the 1950s, or possibly early 60s.
Being a wrap style dress, it can fit a
very wide range of figures, although it does
appear to favor those of the larger bust.
Indeed, Moira isn't quite curvy enough to do it justice!

Pretty little daisies!
Covered in a small, sweet print of 
orange and white daisies tumbling about on a field of black
and with edges bound in matching orange tape,
this dress just exudes classic elegance.

While technically not something worn about town 
in the past, I see no reason that in our day and age 
this piece couldn't;t play the role of a lovely day dress.

Indeed, sometimes one has to throw on something suitable for those
rare trips out of the boudoir ;] so why not?

If you're interested in making the acquaintance of this piece, 
I point you in this direction!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love and War

One of my all time favorite photographs
"A Soldier's Goodbye & Bobbie the Cat" by Sam Hood.
How hard a goodbye such as this must have been...
And yet such a sweet picture, especially
with adorable little Bobbie there to bear witness.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Robin's Egg in Spring

What colour could be more perfect for spring,
my dear friends,
than robin's egg blue? Especially when paired with
the most delicious white lace?

Constructed to best fit those ladies of 
a more modest bustline, this full slip  by Gay-Lure is 
sure to set hearts aflutter with it's lively, playful colour and pretty

What a colour!

 Lets have a look at those details:

Lace encrusted bust with embroidery between the cups!
Lace edging between the shoulders at the back!

Some of the prettiest lace I've seen from this era, at the hem!
So, if you think you'd like to get into the spring mood
with this piece, head over here! before someone else does!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dapper Delight!

We admit, dear friends, that there is nothing 
really lingerie related about this post.

That is...
unless you acknowledge the fact that a well dressed Chap
such as this is almost inevitably more likely than the average man
to catch a glimse of  the hem of a slip, or perhaps
get a peek at a garter and some stocking or even
some lovely vintage knickers, if he's particularily lucky ;]

Trust us on this one, we would know ;P

On a side note, check out The Chap for some good,
wholesome chuckles, and perhaps some inspiration!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen!
It is true!
Mademoiselle M. is indeed a scatterbrain sometimes!
Such is the only possible explanation as to how she forgot to include
this lovely piece in her last post about our wares!

How could anyone forget something so pretty?
 Produced by the French Maid Lingerie Company,
and dating from approximately the 1960s, this piece is a stunner by any measure!

Cunningly constructed to show off ALL your curves!
Made of a daringly sheer, stretchy black nylon,
and trimmed in the most delicate lace imaginable,this sultry slip is
ideal for any fiery femme fatale.

The cups are all lace too! And so sheer!
So for those of you who can't get this beauty
out of your heads, head right here! to snap it up
before bidding ends!

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Listings at the eBay Emporium!

Yesterday, Mademoiselle Zeigfeld undertook the listing of 
yet more of our wares.
This time, we are a pair of two-piece sleep sets,
both of fairly free sizing.

The first is a lovely pair of powder blue nylon pyjamas,
consisting of a short sleeved jacket and trousers.

They have delightful lace trim around the collar, sleeves and pocket,
And are of a larger size, fitting a dame with a 
bust anywhere up to 44 inches, and a waist up to 38 inches.

Observe the pretty lace trim and gathers at the shoulder.
 The elastic is in great condition, and allows for a wide range of waist sizes to comfortably fit,
from 26in at the smallest, to 38 at the largest.

These Pjs are saucily sheer!

 Unfortunately, the trousers have a very faint yellow stain on the hip, 
however, this fact was taken into acount during pricing,

and they are an otherwise lovely set.
They can be found here for  those interested.

The second set we are offering today 
dates from approximately the 1960s and is of a lovely,
vibrant lemony yellow colour.

And I do mean vibrant!
Constructed of a total of four luxurious layers of nylon and trimmed in white lace,
this negligee and peignoir set is sure to please any lover of 
this time period.

Whilst the peignoir his high-collared, the negligee has a sweet scooped neckline.
Matching nylon ties threaded through the collars of both pieces allow 
for an adjustable, custom fit.
Indeed, this set can be comfortably be worn by 
anyone with a bust size 44 inches or less, and still look lovely!

Talk about lace!
The inner layer of both pieces is a soft, bright yellow nylon tricot,
while the outer layer is a stiffer, more sheer nylon.
All in all, a very cute set in pristine condition, it can be found right here!

Film's First Sex-Symbol

As one of history's most famous seductresses, Queen Cleopatra!
And my goodness, check out that boudoir!
Its to die for!

Czechoslovakia, WWII

No song is better, or more beautiful
for lounging dans la boudoir
than this one by Czech composer
Jaroslav Jezek.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Image via

Is not the most erotic part of the body wherever the clothing affords a glimpse?  ~Roland Barthes


Mlle. and M. Ziegfeld present...

...the first of our items available for purchase 
at that grand boutique of the internet

First up, we have a lovely two layer black lace slip dating from 
approimately the 1940s by Simpson-Sears Charmode.

Moira makes her debute in this lovely piece!
Made of nylon tricot and lace, this piece is in excellent condition.
It sports a wonderful scalloped hem and is, 
delightfully for ladies of the more curvaceous sort, 
a larger size, being particlarily full of bust!

The light was strong that day, but please observe the lovely waist-yoke!
 For those interested, this piece can be found here.

Next, I ask you to turn your attention, ladies and gentlemen,
to this lovely confection of pleats and lace.

Dating from approximately the 1950s, this piece by Gay-Lure 
sports all the details that make vintage lingerie of the period so delightful,
including a great fit, pretty lace, and best of all, delectable sheer crystal pleats at the bust AND hem.
As if that weren't enough, the hem is also scalloped!
Again, this piece is a lovely larger size and great condition.
Made of a soft, sheer nylon tricot, it is sure to delight any wearer
[or individual lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the wearer ;) ] 

These crystal pleated cups are capable of coddling a very bountiful bustline :)
 For those interested, one can find this piece here.

Finally, [for today] we are offering
this pretty little ivory confection. 
Just look at that lace!
Made by the delightful Dorsay-Montex, this half slip is of a 
smaller size, to fit those petite dames out there.
Again, this piece is also made of nylon tricot, and it's details are swoon-inducing.

With a soft peachy lace appliqued on top of even softer ivory,
this slip has a quiet, reserved charm to it,
sure to please a more modest lady as well as the saucyer dames out there.

As with the other two, it can be found over here!

And so concludes the first post of our wares,
look forward to many more to come!
And happy shopping! ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Introducing Mademoiselle Moira Ziegfeld!

My dear friends, 
on this evening it is with great pleasure and even greater excitement
that I introduce to you
the newest addition to the Ziegfeld Boudoir team.
She is a charming young thing with a wonderful figure,
and she kindly offered us her services in the department of modeling our wares.
She caught us at unawares in our local mall,
perhaps psychically sensing our distress at not having a 
suitable way to display our goods.
without further adieu,
I give you

Mlle. Moira Ziegfeld!
The girl can be something of a nudist...most scandalous!
But she does have a lovely shape, doesn't she? Not to mention the pearls! ;P

Although a proper lady doesn't usually go around flaunting her dimensions,
due to her job, its a wee bit important Moira's are known.
Her measurements are:
Bust - 36
Waist - 28
Hips - 34
A nice solid medium, perfect for displaying
a range of sizes.

There we go, much more classy!
And of course, all of this means that we will finally,
after much delay
be able to open shop and begin offering 
lovely vintage lingerie 
to you, dear ladies and gentlemen!
Keep your eyes peeled for a post this week
about where to find our wares!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Racy Lacy

Joan Blondell shows off her quintessential flapper underthings!

If those aren't simply THE most darling camiknickers, I don't know what are!
Paired with those stockings and the deco decor...breathtaking!
If only there was half as much sass and pizazz in my lingerie drawer! ;P

Image via

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Having One of Those Days...


"Why don't you come up and see me sometime...when I've got nuthin' on but the radio."
               - Mae West [She Done Him Wrong]

[More] Bits of the Boudoir

In a follow-up to an older post, I present more snapshots of the real Ziegfeld Boudoir...
In this case, we have Monsieur N.'s paraphernalia, to complement
the excessive femininity of our last visit.

The gentleman does have such a lovely collection of antique heirlooms, 
I must say!

on an unrelated side note...

Cierra, our lovely Boudoir Queen mentioned in This Post had her pups a week ago...eight of them!
Aren't they darling, ladies and gents?

A beautiful song...

...for a beautiful day.
The weather is absolutely divine here at the Boudoir
and this particular piece suits the atmosphere so well...

On a side note, yes, we are still alive and kicking over here!
Troubles with our internet have kept us from blogging
but rest assured, we'll be back at it in no time!
Things appear to be fixed now, hopefully for good,
so we ought to be back to our regular schedule from here on.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Guess what I'm watching?

Marlene, Marlene, Marlene!  via
Somebody, ladies and gents, has acquired a channel by the name of
"Turner Classic Movies"
and may or may not be a bit excessively excited....
I just felt the need to share the feeling with you dear friends =]
So, what am I watching?

Friday, April 22, 2011

'Cause I'm a Femme Fatale....

Lovely Ladies Lounging in Lingerie, Oh my!

 Ladies and Gentlemen,
today I would like to introduce you to a wonderful song,
by a wonderful singer!
There is nothing better to listen to whilst 
dressing [or undressing! ;) ] than
the Puppini Sisters!

A Trio of Femme Fatales, to be sure!
Today I present a song by the lovely 
dark haired dame in the middle


Images via and via

Lace in Spring

     So sorry for the lack of life lately, things have been, shall we say, rather hectic indeed here in the Ziegfeld Boudoir. Things ought to return to normal during this week, however. Please, accept these pictures of pretty underthings as our apology! ;] These are all detail shots of things to be appearing in our shop shortly, so do tell if you see something you like!

More after the jump!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flirt and Tease

 The weather was gorgeous here at the 
Ziegfeld Boudoir, and so I decided to take advantage of the excellent
lighting and photograph some of our wares.
They ought to be up and available for purchase within the month,
but for now, here's a little tease
to fire up your desires! ;]

A selection of tantalizing slips!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All the way from 1920's France!

    Its finally arrived! A month or so ago dear Monsieur N. and I decided to try our luck on Ebay and bid on a lovely pair of antique camiknickers and we won! We anxiously awaited their arrival for weeks, and were ecstatic when they finally arrived. I wanted to share them with you, dear friends, as I am certain you'll love them as much as we do :) They're a lovely green silk crepe de chine with mother of pearl buttons at the gusset, lace trim, and lovely hand embroidered flower details. I have not yet attempted cleaning them, so all the lovely patina of age remains [I find it rather charming myself =] ]

Vintage French Lingerie! Oh Lala!
Lovely lace and embroidery

Flattering gathers along the hips, and more lace!

More Photos after the Jump!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Delicate Lace Delights

I couldn't tell you if these pieces are slips or camiknickers, but either way, the delicate lacework and beautiful fits have had me daydreaming of lovely things for days, and I figured you fine folks might enjoy these lovely photos from my internet wanderings too! 

Via "Give Me The Good Old Days!"

Via "Give Me The Good Old Days!"

Via Allure.