Monday, May 16, 2011

Mlle. and M. Ziegfeld present...

...the first of our items available for purchase 
at that grand boutique of the internet

First up, we have a lovely two layer black lace slip dating from 
approimately the 1940s by Simpson-Sears Charmode.

Moira makes her debute in this lovely piece!
Made of nylon tricot and lace, this piece is in excellent condition.
It sports a wonderful scalloped hem and is, 
delightfully for ladies of the more curvaceous sort, 
a larger size, being particlarily full of bust!

The light was strong that day, but please observe the lovely waist-yoke!
 For those interested, this piece can be found here.

Next, I ask you to turn your attention, ladies and gentlemen,
to this lovely confection of pleats and lace.

Dating from approximately the 1950s, this piece by Gay-Lure 
sports all the details that make vintage lingerie of the period so delightful,
including a great fit, pretty lace, and best of all, delectable sheer crystal pleats at the bust AND hem.
As if that weren't enough, the hem is also scalloped!
Again, this piece is a lovely larger size and great condition.
Made of a soft, sheer nylon tricot, it is sure to delight any wearer
[or individual lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the wearer ;) ] 

These crystal pleated cups are capable of coddling a very bountiful bustline :)
 For those interested, one can find this piece here.

Finally, [for today] we are offering
this pretty little ivory confection. 
Just look at that lace!
Made by the delightful Dorsay-Montex, this half slip is of a 
smaller size, to fit those petite dames out there.
Again, this piece is also made of nylon tricot, and it's details are swoon-inducing.

With a soft peachy lace appliqued on top of even softer ivory,
this slip has a quiet, reserved charm to it,
sure to please a more modest lady as well as the saucyer dames out there.

As with the other two, it can be found over here!

And so concludes the first post of our wares,
look forward to many more to come!
And happy shopping! ;)

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