About Our Wares

For the curious or concerned, we, the Ziegfelds, shall provide on this page a list of questions and answers.
We hope to adress any and every question you may have, dear friends, but if you do not see your
particular query addressed here, simply send us a comment and we will do so with perfect promptness! :)

Where does the lingerie you sell come from? 
     The pieces offered at by the Ziegfeld Boudoir are acquired from a variety of places by Monsieur N. and Mademoiselle M. They come to you from such grand places the boudoirs and attics of the past, to the much more humble antique or even thrift shops of today. We are constantly on the lookout for vintage lingerie wherever we go, for one never knows where a good piece could be hiding. 

Is the lingerie offered by the Ziegfeld Boudoir brand-new?
    In general, no, the pieces we offer are not brand-new the way you would find them in a retail shop. On occasion we come accross a piece or two of New Old Stock [also known as Deadstock] which is a term referring to garments which have never been worn, and usually are obtained from a defunct shop and so tend to be decidedly rare. What we do offer is vintage lingerie in good condition, usually previously owned, but well cared for and in such condition as to be still sturdy and wearable.

Is the lingerie offered by the Ziegfeld Boudoir cleaned before purchase?
   Yes. Absolutely each and every piece is cleaned immediately after we acquire it, and if necessary, again before shipped. The precise method of cleaning varies by piece and material, but it is always done by hand, by our own Mademoiselle. M. Generally, this includes a gentle hand wash, followed by line drying and if necessary, a careful ironing

How do I care for the vintage lingerie I've just purchased from the Ziegfeld Boudoir?
    How one should care for a piece of vintage or antique clothing truly depends on the age, material, and construction methods of the garment. We try to include instructions as to the methods we at the Ziegfeld Boudoir would use to clean the piece with the item so that you the customer will not have to fret over what to do upon recieving your piece. If you do not recieve these instructions, feel free to contact us for advice. In the future, we will have a page prepared for quick reference to our cleaning methods.

How do you know the date of your pieces?
    We use a variety of methods to date our wares, including studying the materials and construction of an individual piece, as well as researching manufacturers in depth to ascertain when they were operating, what they were producing, and for how long. Furthermore, often the style or cut of a garment makes it's period quite obvious. However, dating vintage lingerie can be difficult, and therefore we prefer to give approximate dates, or a range of time during which a piece would have been produced or in fashion, as opposed to trying to pinpoint an exact year.

Some of your pieces are more expensive than others. How do you decide on prices?
    We always try to sell our pieces at the best value for what they're worth. We decide on price by examining a number of factors, including material, construction, maker, detail, age, rarity and condition.

Do you clip or pin your pieces to fit the mannequin?
    Yes, we do. As of this time, we only have one mannequin, Moira, and so all of our pieces are displayed on her so long as they are her size [medium] or larger. We take care to always mention when a piece has been clipped to fit her, as well as provide the measurements of both the garment and mannequin to best assist you, the buyer, in making a well informed decision