Meet The Stars!

The Lady: The female part of the pair, an anachronistic young woman by the name of Mademoiselle M. will be your teacher and guide to all the hidden nooks and crannies of the Ziegfeld boudoir. An avid vintage lingerie collector and aficionado for the past five years, she harbours a special love for the underthings of the 1860s to 1940s. Along with vintage lingerie, she specializes in antique medical devices, as well as curiosities and treasures from the Orient. She hopes to share with all comers her strong, and sometimes peculiar opinion's on the impact of society on our underthings, and vice versa, as well as her feelings about the politics in your panties.

The Gent: The male half of this decadent duo, Monsieur N. is something of a newcomer to the world of vintage lingerie, having spent much more time as a casual admirer than as a serious researcher and collector. That said, however, he is no stranger to the world of antiques and vintage as a whole, with areas of special interest including watches, jewelry, porcelain and pottery. At any rate, our charming gentleman here more than makes up for what he lacks in specialized knowledge with a singular enthusiasm about learning, and a willingness to share his unique perspectives and views with you, dear patrons!