Why Ziegfeld?

Louise Brooks, as a Ziegfeld Girl
       A question already becoming quite common to our ears is one about the name of our home here amidst the shining lights of computer screens; "Why Ziegfeld? What does it mean?" And of course, many of you, dear friends, already know the answer to either one or both of those questions. However, out of respect for the uninitiated, we are pleased to present you with the answer, starting with the latter question. So, without further adieu, allow us to begin!

      In regards to the question "What does it mean?", the answer is simple: it's a name. In particular, it is the surname of one of the greatest theatrical impresarios of our time, Florenz "The Great" Ziegfeld, creator of the infamous Ziegfeld Follies. The Follies were lavish and elaborate theatrical presentations
known particularly for their beautiful, glamorous and talented chorus girls, as well as the lavish costumes the girls preformed in. They ran fromv1907 all the way until 1936, with a small attempt at resurrection in both 1943 and 1957. However, they have really come to exemplify the spirit of "La Belle Époque' and the "Roaring Twenties".

Gladys Glad, another of Ziegfeld's Girls
     Which brings us to the other question, "Why did you choose the Ziegfeld name to represent your blog?" We chose the name to evoke precisely the aforementioned spirit, one filled with optimism, flamboyance and fun, and combining saucy seductiveness with elegance and class. The Girls of the Follies especially inspired us while creating the blog, as well as in our own tastes. These ladies were famous for their beauty and intense but unattainable allure. Swathed in silk, lace, chiffon, sparkling stones and exotic feathers, they were and still are any lingerie lover's dream to behold. In them, everything we love about vintage lingerie is personified. We hope you, ladies and gentlemen, are able to find all these traits and more inherent in our blog.