Monday, May 23, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen!
It is true!
Mademoiselle M. is indeed a scatterbrain sometimes!
Such is the only possible explanation as to how she forgot to include
this lovely piece in her last post about our wares!

How could anyone forget something so pretty?
 Produced by the French Maid Lingerie Company,
and dating from approximately the 1960s, this piece is a stunner by any measure!

Cunningly constructed to show off ALL your curves!
Made of a daringly sheer, stretchy black nylon,
and trimmed in the most delicate lace imaginable,this sultry slip is
ideal for any fiery femme fatale.

The cups are all lace too! And so sheer!
So for those of you who can't get this beauty
out of your heads, head right here! to snap it up
before bidding ends!

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