Monday, May 9, 2011

Introducing Mademoiselle Moira Ziegfeld!

My dear friends, 
on this evening it is with great pleasure and even greater excitement
that I introduce to you
the newest addition to the Ziegfeld Boudoir team.
She is a charming young thing with a wonderful figure,
and she kindly offered us her services in the department of modeling our wares.
She caught us at unawares in our local mall,
perhaps psychically sensing our distress at not having a 
suitable way to display our goods.
without further adieu,
I give you

Mlle. Moira Ziegfeld!
The girl can be something of a nudist...most scandalous!
But she does have a lovely shape, doesn't she? Not to mention the pearls! ;P

Although a proper lady doesn't usually go around flaunting her dimensions,
due to her job, its a wee bit important Moira's are known.
Her measurements are:
Bust - 36
Waist - 28
Hips - 34
A nice solid medium, perfect for displaying
a range of sizes.

There we go, much more classy!
And of course, all of this means that we will finally,
after much delay
be able to open shop and begin offering 
lovely vintage lingerie 
to you, dear ladies and gentlemen!
Keep your eyes peeled for a post this week
about where to find our wares!

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