Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All the way from 1920's France!

    Its finally arrived! A month or so ago dear Monsieur N. and I decided to try our luck on Ebay and bid on a lovely pair of antique camiknickers and we won! We anxiously awaited their arrival for weeks, and were ecstatic when they finally arrived. I wanted to share them with you, dear friends, as I am certain you'll love them as much as we do :) They're a lovely green silk crepe de chine with mother of pearl buttons at the gusset, lace trim, and lovely hand embroidered flower details. I have not yet attempted cleaning them, so all the lovely patina of age remains [I find it rather charming myself =] ]

Vintage French Lingerie! Oh Lala!
Lovely lace and embroidery

Flattering gathers along the hips, and more lace!

More Photos after the Jump!

That embroidery! *swoon*

Mother of Pearl buttons on the gusset

French Seams!

A little gift from the seller! Vintage french trim!

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