Monday, March 7, 2011

The value of little luxuries

Ginger Rogers 
      Recently, Monsieur N. and I have been doing a lot of talking about the mind-body-spirit connection; about the fact that human beings are one whole, not a collection of fragments, and therefore anything that affects one aspect of our being, really affects our entire self.

      On this line of thinking, we've discussed many things, such as the relationship between food, exercise, companionship and spirituality, and our physical, mental and emotional states. However, what I want to discuss with all of you, ladies and gentlemen, is something that lies a little closer to our collective hearts [and dare I say, underwear drawers! ;] ]

     I have oftimes Without a little self indulgence as such, we are apt to fall prey to all sorts of malaise, be it mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. encountered a derisive response to my passion/ hobby for lingerie, especially that of the vintage and/or luxury kind. Many seem to view it as a frivolous, wasteful, or even immoral pursuit. However, I beg to differ, I think it is a very necessary part of life to allow ourselves to partake of sensual pleasures. This is especially true in our fast paced, technology obsessed world.

     Here we are constantly bombarded with negative sounds and images, while being separated from our physical senses, and not to mention from each other. It is essential for our well being that we  take time out to relax and enjoy ourselves, to appreciate the finer things in life and indulge our senses. Indeed, I would argue that taking time to indulge our senses is just as essential as getting out to exercise, or eating enough fruits and veggies each day! And indulging the senses is precisely what I am doing through my love of lingerie, be it with the whisper of silk against my skin, the sheer aesthetic beauty of crystal pleated nylon or that firm hug from a favorite bra.
A Vargas girl shows us how it's done!
    Now, I by no means am arguing that lingerie is the only way in which one can indulge her [or his! ;] ] senses. Indeed, for others the same needs may be met with a trip to the spa, a day spent in an art gallery, or in any number of other ways. However, I personally find the experience of wearing a fine piece of lingerie to be even more fulfilling than a massage or beautiful painting, because it not only is a delightfully sensual experience, but it allows the wearer to transform herself into a work of art. Such an experience is the height of sensual indulgence, and one simply cannot help but feel divine.

I suppose what I mean to say is simply that lovely lingerie is a valid, and perfectly essential part of the life for those who love it...would you not agree?

               - M. Ziegfeld

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