Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too Flappin' Fabulous!

     I've been contemplating making my own set of band garters, based on those worn by the Flapper Girls of the 1920's, for some time now. They seem to me to be a comfortable and stylistic alternative to my beloved garter-belts, for days when all those straps and support are just a wee bit too much. Especially with warmer weather on it's way; I'll jump at any chance to eliminate a layer from my outfits for summer!
     However, with so much on the go at the moment, I have been putting it off...until a few nights ago that is, when the urge to search for inspiration struck whilst I was having trouble sleeping. You see, ladies and gentlemen, I have come across some exquisite inspiration, and I would love to share it with you this evening.

Observe, if you will: 
An article from a magazine dating from the 20's tells us how it's done!
     Stumbling across this article on the lovely blog FrenchGardenHouse absolutely made my day [and night! ;] ] I highly recommend you check out the original post, as it is chock full of pictures to bring a smile to the face, and inspiration to the mind of even the most modest of boudoir dwellers. And the fact that they are so simple to create only makes it that much better!whilst the shop connected to the blog is full of beautiful things [even a section called "Paris Boudoir"! *swoon*] to set anyone's heart aflutter. I myself would love one of everything, could my budget stretch so far, but alas, for now I shall have to settle for admiring and being inspired. Which brings us right back to the original point of my post: Flapper Garters!

Mint Green: the quintessential flapper colour!
     There is just something about the styling to the band garters of the 1920's that I have always adored, a perfect balance of ergonomic functionality with flirty, girlish details. Ruffles, lace, silk, little flowers, buttons and sequins...its amazing the sheer amount of delicious detail that can be contained within such a tiny confection of ribbon and elastic. Catching a peep of these lovelies under the fluttering hem of a skirt or dress on a spring could bring any gentleman worth his hat [and dare I say more than a few ladies!] to his knees!
Aged lace and silk rosebuds make my heart beat faster.
   Therefore, look forward to sneaking a peek at my own garters [oh my!] inspired by these, and other designs, sometime next week! I only hope I can create something so mouthwateringly lovely!

all images viaFrenchGardenHouse

                                    - Mademoiselle M.

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